Pilgrimage: Austria, Prague, Germany and Oberammergau Passion Play

Dominican Center at Marywood, 2025 Fulton St East, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 View Map
Tuesday, May 19 to Saturday, May 30

A once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the world-famous Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany. The villagers of Oberammergau first performed the play in 1634 in fulfillment of their promise to God for sparing them from the Black Plague, and it has been presented there every 10 years since then.

For more information, visit dominicancenter.com or contact Sr. Nancy Brousseau at nbrousseau@aol.com or 616-560-4580.

CFD: Evangelization

Presenter: Nancy Brousseau, OP, DMin

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Cost: $4,479, includes round-trip airfare from Chicago, first class/select hotels, and most meals

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Dominican Center at Marywood 2025 Fulton St East, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Website Posted on: 6/17/2019


Nancy Brousseau, OP 616-560-4580 Contact Nancy Brousseau, OP

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