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Friday, April 19 - 5:30 AM to Sunday, April 28 - 3:00 PM

For the Christian there is is no more important week than Holy Week. What better time to make a retreat than the holiest week of the year?  Join us for all or part of our eight-day Great Week walk with the Lord from  Bethany to Jerusalem.  Private retreat with no cost except for room and board. Yes we know that the dates are a week later than our western sister Churches - we are on the revised Julian calendar. Look upopn it as an opportunity to see "how the other side prays." And YES we are Catholics!

We begin with Friday Vespers for Lazarus Saturday and continue until the 3:00 pm Agape Vespers on Pascha followed wit a festive meal.  

Daily Holy Week accommodations are available with meals: $40 double occupancy, $75 single occupancy. 

Reserve today at:  (360) 491-8233

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Cost: no cost except optional room and board

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