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Friday, February 15 - 5:30 PM to Monday, February 18 - 6:30 PM

"The Book of Psalms is the prayerbook of the Church." A weekend of reflection on praying the psalms by the Hegumenissa Anastasia [Steinberg], abbess of Holy Theophany Monastery. Mother Anastasia is a former seminary professor of Hebrew and Greek with an in-depth understanding of Judaism.

There will be ample opportunity for quiet reflection and prayer throughout the holiday weekend. $150.00 includes all meals.

To make this a more effective retreat we strongly recommend remaining at the monastery retreat house throughout the retreat weekend. (Single occupancy $60.00 per night. Shared double occupancyis  $40.00 per person for night.)

The weekend begins with 5:30 pm Vespers on Friday and concludes with 5:30 pm Vespers on Monday (Presidents Day).  

Reservations required. See us on Facebook for more information

Presenter: Mother Anastasia, abbess of Holy Theophany

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Cost: $150.00

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