Q: What is Catholic Event Finder?

A: A listing of local Catholic events and forums - community moderated, and largely free.

Q: What can I find there? 

A: Local Catholic events and activities.

Q: What is the origin of Catholic Event Finder? 

A: An idea to bring the good things happening in the Church together on one site where users can post and search, started in early 2010.

Q: Who runs Catholic Event Finder?

A: Craig Pohl has been CEO since late 2010.

Q: Who else is involved with Catholic Event Finder?

A: Besides the thousands who post their events to the site Craig is joined by a team who help guide, post and advise.

Q: Is Catholic Event Finder a nonprofit? 

A: Yes, CEF is owned and operated by FAITH Catholic, a not-for-profit corporation of the Diocese of Lansing.

Q: How does Catholic Event Finder support its operations? 

A: Ads, premium accounts, affiliate publisher partnerships and donations.