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The "craigslist" of Catholic events

Get your own account

If you would like to post your events to Catholic Event Finder, enabling them to be searchable on the global search site, you must first obtain an official Catholic Event Finder account by simply clicking the "create an account" link and providing a valid email address and specific username of your choosing that is not already in use by another account holder. Catholic Event Finder will send a verification email to you asking for your final verification. Once your account is verified by Catholic Event Finder you will be able to create and embed Calendars, post events, use social networking, make comments, and associate events from other calendars onto yours.

Your Calendar

Every user with a verified account can create and name one or more calendars onto which they can post their events. Other account users can be invited to share in the administration of one or more of these calendars. Your calendar is specifically designed to be embedded into your organization's website. (i.e. Catholic parish or other Catholic organization.)

Associate Events

When logged into your account you can associate particular events to your calendar by simply checking the "add to my calendar" tab located to the left of each event. Even though you associate an event to your private calendar the event will still belong to whoever originally posted it.

Social Networking

If you want to spread the word about any event you can easily do this by simply clicking on one of the social networking icons in the "spread the Word" pop-up located to the right of each post.

RSS Feeds

Sign up for an RSS feed of your favorite searches.

People Can Notify You That They Are Attending Your Event
As an account holder you will be able to offer people the option to "Attend" your event whereby you will then be able to go to "your account" to view their names and emails (optional).

Authenticating Your Account

Authenticating your account will assure the online community that you have the proper authority to post events for the association you claim to represent. You can authenticate your account by sending a request to Catholic Event Finder's administrative department. We will ask you a few questions and if the information you submit is adequate a green checkmark will appear next your username signifying to the online community that you have been authenticated.


Users are encouraged to submit their suggestions for how we can serve the community better through this service.

Reporting Inaccurate or Inappropriate Posts

Catholic Event Finder relies on the moral character and cooperation of the whole community of users by asking those who use this service to only post appropriate content and to report any inappropriate or inaccurate posts or comments. This can be done by simply clicking the "report" link whereby you will be prompted to give a short explanation. An email will then be sent to the administrator of the post asking them to correct the content. An email will also be sent to Catholic Event Finder and if immediate action is required, Catholic Event Finder will delete the post and disable the account of the person who posted the inappropriate content if necessary.